Happy Birthday!!

Today we turn five years old and you can see how brave Kitty is sitting so close to the cake like that. Wondering why? Because Kitty knows our fabrics do not contain any synthetics and never have!  Kitty is not worried for her safety because she knows her patchwork scarf will not melt and fuse to her, should it ignite.
For the past five years, we have continued to use the highest quality fabric and have always paid close attention to detail, which has translated into loyal and discerning customers.  We can’t say enough about how appreciative we are of everyone’s support over the past five years.
Starting with a single patchwork scarf, made as a Christmas gift, and turning it into a company may sound like a story that only nightmares are made of, but this has truly been the opposite! It has been an adventure all the way, and like it or not, you’re all on it with us!!
To show our appreciation we are offering 30% off of the entire website for five days!!  Use promo code: WEAREFIVE at checkout!
Margo Petitti
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