About Us

Margo Petitti was founded in 2009 from an array of menswear swatches on a sewing table in Providence’s historic College Hill.  Margo handmade her first patchwork style scarf from cloth that she clipped from swatch books that a local tailor shop was discarding. She designed the scarf on the floor of her room and stitched it for her father for Christmas. He received many compliments and she received many requests. After that Christmas, Margo took a leave of absence from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she had been working towards an MLA, to launch her venture.  

Margo ran the business successfully for over a decade.  As covid hit in early 2020, Margo thought she might want to retire.  She mulled the idea for about a year and talked to her close friend, Lauren Bonner, about it.  Margo and Lauren have been friends for 16years; they've seen each other through career and city changes and even been key players in each other's weddings.  When Lauren heard Margo was considering retiring, she said “nooooooooo I love the scarves too much!”  And then quickly switched to “What if I bought from you?”

Both friends loved this idea. They talked daily about how it would work and what it would take to keep the magic of the brand.

Ultimately, they agreed Lauren would buy it, but she couldn’t run it without Margo’s creative genius, so Margo would stay on as Creative Director to design and oversee production.  So they inked the deal!

Lauren’s aim is to preserve the quality and unique identity of the brand but grow the business.  So now Margo and Lauren work together, with Margo designing and Lauren hiring folks to run the day to day operations.  Margo will still be the celeb “it sighting” in Philadelphia, Chicago and NYC, but she will be a little bit better rested and a little more tan from spending extra time in her beloved Azores.

And so the next chapter of their friendship and of the Margo Petitti brand began.  

Margo Petitti's collection of scarves, neck wear, pocket squares, pillows, and throws, marry glen plaids, herringbone, houndstooth, and birdseye weaves into one of a kind accessories. Margo Petitti Inc. manufactures in Fall River, Massachusetts and Italy, from the finest Italian woolens, silks, and cashmere. Click here to see more!